Their Story


You may or may not be personally involved with the person who’s story you are about to read.  Regardless, it is a story of faith and admirable strength.

My brother-in-law, is a young father of two beautiful daughters who had been struggling with Cancer: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL for five years and to the point of being told he had less than a week to live.  Well today is nothing short of a miracle since he is strong and healthy!

He and his wife, Kara, battled the disease privately and at a great expense. Most of you know that June of 2011 was very difficult for their family. Kara lost her Papa, Gerardo Ramundo, a strong leader and inspiring man to their entire family.  What none of us knew was that the same week we lost Papa to cancer, Jud was told by doctors that he had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).  Jud had symptoms of sickness for a little while but he did not have a name for it until that time.  Jud waited to tell Kara until her after her Papa had passed…two weeks before they welcomed their second daughter into the world.

Jud positively made a decision to keep their struggle private.  With their faith, they carried the burden alone without soliciting even the sympathy of any of their loved ones.  They’ve prayed, researched, invested in and undergone most known alternative treatments attempting to reclaim his health.  They  made enormous sacrifices in order to share as much victory and as little burden with those they love.  As you can imagine, that was a lot to take on.  Their journey has been extremely demanding on their time, energy and finances.  Jud and Kara learned many lessons along the way.

Many of the treatments Jud received were not covered by insurance.  They worked hard, saved and lived below their means and have always been generous on every occasion.  In a short period of time, Jud and Kara used over $200,000 of personal savings hoping they would never have to ask for help.  Jud never quit working, never went on disability and even worked two jobs at times to make ends meet.

Jud was admitted to the hospital in February 2013.  His aggressive treatment plan started and lasted about 12 weeks.  The weekly cost for the treatment began at $8,000 just for the chemotherapy, not including doctor fees, lab work, tests and medications. The treatments and hospitalization costs were well over $400,000 and that does not include previous bills of staggering amounts, even after insurance.

This couple was able by the grace of God and with the help of many good friends to defeat the disease and the financial devastation. Knowing this couple, it is truly amazing to have a glimpse of what they have been through while staying positive and encouraging others in the process; it is beyond me.  Their ultimate goal now is to help other families in situations like theirs.

Jud and his family look forward to sharing their story of faith and VICTORY with so many and providing hope and encouragement to others.  I know their story will impact thousands of lives. Thank you for being part of their journey!


Nina Ramundo